Enjoy A Top Canadian Online Casino With Interac
Enjoy A Top Canadian Online Casino With Interac

As simple as things are when you visit a land-based venue – visit the cashier to exchange your cash for chips at the beginning of the evening and vice versa at the end of the night – things are a little different in a Canadian online casino. Interac is just one of many payment options available, but it's one of the best for players in Canada.

Making a deposit or withdrawal at an online casino requires a reliable, and ideally quick payment method so you can get back to enjoying some action at the tables or on your favourite slot machine.

  • See why Interac is one of the most trusted payment methods around
  • Find safe and secure Interac online casinos where you can play
  • Compare Interac with the performance of some other deposit options on the market

In fact, because they are both a major debit card provider and creators of the fantastic e-Transfer service, it's very likely that many Canadian players will already be familiar with Interac and may have used it in the past.

The Way it Works

Making a Canadian online casino Interac payment can be done in a couple of different ways. If a gambling site accepts Interac debit cards, then you can use that in the same way you would use a Maestro card or any other debit card.

It's more likely though, when people talk about playing at an Interac online casino, that they're referring to Interac's e-Transfer service. When using e-Transfer, Interac acts as a bridge between gambling sites (or some other retailer) and your online banking account.

“With more than 30 years of experience, Interac has a longstanding reputation for offering great customer service, using bank grade security and making things just as about as easy as they can be for players in Canada.”

All players need to do when they're making a deposit/withdrawal is select the amount of money to be transferred, enter a few details and hit send. The whole process is extremely simple, and is one that most Canadians will already be familiar with – Interac may not be well known everywhere in the world, but it's a payment method that's more or less a household name here in the Great White North.

An online gambling site needs to hold a merchant account before it can be called an Interac casino but, provided your site of choice accepts e-Transfer, then you're just a few clicks (and one small fee) away from being able to play for cash using Interac.

Using Interac: How and Why?

Further up the page we wrote about how e-Transfer acts as a middleman between gambling sites and your bank or financial institution. Anyone who's the least bit safety conscious will understand why this is a good thing – it means that all your payment information remains hidden from the site you're playing with.

Of course, you should never play with a site that you don't trust but it's nice to know that Interac has your back on the off chance you end up playing somewhere that may use unscrupulous techniques to try to get their hands on more of your hard earned money.

There are some payment methods out there that are a little on the slow side. Fortunately, despite its safety conscious approach, Interac is not one of them! When you're making a payment to an online casino, Interac processes things virtually instantaneously. That means there's no waiting around for payments to clear.

Finally, while this isn't a direct advantage of Interac as such, it's still an interesting thing to note about playing in an Interac casino: because Interac is only available to Canadians, most Interac online casinos make things very easy for folks in Canada. They not only welcome those from the Great White North, but accept CAD and offer dedicated support lines to Canadians too.

Find An Interac Canadian Online Casino

We've mentioned above that when you're playing in an online casino, Interac is only available to players in Canada. For that reason, gambling sites don't necessarily promote it too aggressively.

While you certainly can find plenty of Interac online casino sites out there, you might have to look a little harder than you usually would to find them. However, doing so takes time and that may not be your idea of an evening well spent when there's real money gambling action to be enjoyed!

We've put together a list of what we believe to be the best online gambling venues that accept Interac. All you need to do is click one of them, create your account (and claim your welcome bonus, of course) and make your first Canadian online casino Interac payment.

From there, it's just a matter of finding your favourite game or choosing a new one to try. Then you're ready to jump in and enjoy a session of trying to win some cash!

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