MasterCard Online Casinos Get You Gaming in No Time

If you want to play at an online casino MasterCard could be your best bet for depositing. One of the frequent hurdles that Canadian online casino players and others from around the globe have to face is that of banking. Why? Well, it could require numerous steps, take a lot of time and not all gaming destinations accept the same deposit methods. The answer? MasterCard. Online casinos worldwide have been welcoming this reputable payment method for nearly two decades and it comes as no surprise.

Every year, MasterCard is responsible for more than 23 billion transactions - many of which occur online. And with numbers that high, how could this payment method not be trusted? If you have one in your wallet, you can count yourself lucky to be one of the millions of users who have chosen wisely. Best of all, you can use your card to fund your casino account with CA$, with complete peace of mind. We've done some in depth research to compile a list of the best Canadian online casinos accepting MasterCard as a banking option - so you can just take your pick, deposit, play and hopefully win.

How to Fund Your Online Casino Account with MasterCard

If you want to win for real, you have to play for real. Your first step to pocketing a payout should therefore be to open a real money account at your chosen online casino. If MasterCard is your payment option of choice, here's what you need to do:

  1. Log into your software and visit the 'Cashier' or go to 'Banking'
  2. View the list of payment methods and select MasterCard
  3. Fill in all the requested details such as your name, address and card details
  4. Then enter the CA$ amount you want to deposit into your casino account and wait for it to be processed
Top 5 Reasons to Choose MasterCard
  • Worldwide Acceptance: MasterCard is accepted at online casinos worldwide - in fact it's probably the most widely accepted card on the planet with over 32 million merchants accepting it as payment method. You'll find that most Canadian online casinos accept MasterCard, so the chance of having your card rejected is minimal.
  • Safety and Security: The MasterCard Zero Liability policy is geared to protect responsible users from any unauthorised transactions on your card. Should you suspect that fraudulent purchases have been made on your card, you can cancel it immediately and request a new one to be issued.
  • Quick and Easy Application: Wherever you are in the world, you're likely to find a financial institution that will be able to issue you with a MasterCard for online casino play.
  • Rewards Programme: Depending on the issuer, your MasterCard could let you qualify for a rewards programme. Like most other loyalty cards, the more you spend on your card, the more points you'll earn and the more rewards will come your way.
  • Convenience and Affordability: Depositing and playing at an online casino with a MasterCard, allows you to play now and pay later. Plus, if you settle your account on time, you won't incur any interest.

P.S. To get the most out of your Canadian online casino MasterCard account, make sure you pay your credit card bill on time. This way you'll avoid having to pay any interest on your account. If you haven’t yet selected a place to play, now would be a great time to browse our list of recommended Canadian online casinos where MasterCard is sure to be accepted.

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